Boundary & Topographic Surveys

Below are a few examples of Boundary & Topographic Surveys provided by Ghiotto & Associates, Inc. for the City of Jacksonville Preservation Project.

Ribault River Urban Park Design Improvements

Boundary and Topographic Survey of 26 platted lots along the Ribault River in the Northside of Jacksonville.

Circle R Property

Boundary Survey of 5.38 acres located at the corner of Cedar Point Road and Boney Road.

Camp Milton Design Improvements

Boundary & Topographic Survey of the Civil War camp located on Old Plank Road and Halsema Roads. This was a Confederate Army camp during the Civil War. Remnants of the original camp are visible today in the area known as 'The Works'. This is where soldiers would practice marksmanship, perform blacksmith duties, and maintain their weaponry.

Castaway Island Preservation Project

Topographic Survey for design of park improvements. The park is located on San Pablo Road and has access to the Intracoastal Waterway and surrounding salt marsh.

Ogilvie/Baxter Estate

Boundary Survey of 125.46 acres located on Lannie Road at Bear Branch of Thomas Creek.

Corwith Davis Property

Boundary Survey of the 170-acre Corwith-Davis Farm located along Yellow Water Road. This property shares boundaries with the 4,600-acre Loblolly Mitigation Area. An interesting aspect of this project is how the southern boundary of the farm is the north line of the CCC Road. The Civilian Conservation Corps constructed this road in an effort to create work during the Great Depression.

Hawkins Property

Boundary Survey of a total of 47.38 acres, of which 28.06 was sold to the City of Jacksonville as part of the preservation project. The property is located along Beaver Street in Section 7, Township 3 South, Range 24 East, Duval County.

Alimacani Restaurant

Boundary Survey of the property occupied by the restaurant, which is located on the banks of the Fort George Inlet, on the north side of Heckscher Drive.

Jacksonville-Baldwin Equestrian Trail Conservation Easements

Provided mapping and parcel descriptions of three large tracts, totaling 57.87acres of land for conservation easements to the St. Johns River Water management District.

Heckscher Drive Estates

Boundary and Mean High Water Survey of Lots 14, 15 & 17, Block 9, Heckscher Drive Estates, Unit 3.

Monticello Properties

Boundary Survey of 403.69 acres along Plummer Road, which is a portion of the Monticello properties.

Peterson Farm

Boundary Survey of 96.03 acres of land along Yellow Water Road, across the Corwith Davis property. Survey presented many challenges to resolve the discrepancies that resulted from multiple monuments representing section corners.

Livestock Farms

Boundary Survey of 114.80 acres that fronts on Halsema Road and lies adjacent to the Baldwin-Jacksonville Rails to Trails project.

Logan Tract

Boundary Survey of 2,336-acre parcel of land located on New Kings Road at Thomas Creek. This survey consisted of 10 parcels and required the establishment of Old Kings Road, New Kings Road, and a portion of CST Transportation right-of-way. This survey included the location of six sections of land, numerous out-parcels, and contained access issues and several title issues that had to be addressed before closing could occur. Survey was performed and delivered within a two-month period. This property is part of the Preservation Project properties.

Caldwell Trust

Boundary Survey of 37.73-acre parcel located on Boney Road, near Cypress Crest Lane.

Wood Trust

Boundary Survey of 34.02-acre parcel that lies adjacent to Cedar Point property owned by the St. Johns River Water Management District.

East Fiftone

Boundary Survey of 4,609 acres of the proposed Loblolly Mitigation Area. Project is located near the intersection of Normandy Boulevard and Yellow Water Road. This survey also defined a 500-acre parcel to become a new city park, located on Yellow Water Road. The survey presented many challenges in locating 16 sections of land due to multiple section corners and conflicting surveys performed over the years. It also required the location of many right-of-ways, including CSX Transportation, Normandy Boulevard, Yellow Water Road, and Jacksonville Electric Authority’s right-of-ways, and several right-of-ways within the plat of Maxville Farms, an old subdivision established in the early 1900’s. Many title issues had to be resolved that included access problems and overlapping boundary lines.


Boundary Survey of 20.41-acre parcel that is adjacent to the proposed McGirts Creek Park located on 118th Street.


Boundary Survey of a 10-acre parcel lying adjacent to the Reves property, with access off of Shindler Road.


Boundary Survey of 166.66 acres of land located at the end of Hipps Road. Property also lies adjacent to the proposed McGirts Creek Park

Gefen Property

Boundary and Mean High Water Survey of 1.34 acres on the St. Johns River along Riverside Avenue. Site lies adjacent to the fire station located at the end of Forest Street.

Thomas Creek Fish Camp

Boundary & Topographic Survey of 9 acres located on the banks of Thomas Creek at the end of Ethel Road.

Ellis Property

Boundary, Topographic & Tree Survey of a 108.53-acre parcel located at the north end of Halsema Road. Survey was part of the design effort for a proposed archery park. This property is a part of the Preservation Project properties.

24 Palms Fish Camp

Boundary, Mean High Water and Topographic Surveys of the fish camp located along the eastern bank of Clapboard Creek at Heckscher Drive.

Scarborough Phase I

Boundary Survey of 86.45 acres of land lying adjacent to the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rails to Trails near Otis Road.

Campbell Property

Boundary Survey of 15.95 acres of land lying adjacent to the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rails to Trails at the end of Bea Lane.